Wordfast Anywhere Terms and Conditions

Copyright 2008-2022, Wordfast LLC


Wordfast Anywhere ("WFA", a project of Wordfast LLC) is currently offered free of charge. WFA does not generate revenue from your data.


All the data maintained by WFA on your behalf is kept strictly confidential. This includes uploaded material, private information, IP addresses, and generally speaking, any information that is of a private or confidential nature. WFA will not reuse, sell, reveal, distribute or in any way disclose the data you entrust in our servers. Documents that are deleted by you are permanently and irretrievably deleted by us.

WFA regularly deletes content, files, or material that are considered unnecessary after use. Those include all files uploaded for processing (including PDF files, or other formats, that are OCRed or converted, files uploaded for alignment, etc.).

Email addresses are not disclosed or communicated to any third party interest. WFA adamantly opposes spam.

Please whitelist wordfast.com, wordfast.net and freetm.com in your email application to make sure you receive all notifications. We have a strict no-spam policy: no promotions, no advertizing, no merchandizing.


Termination of Service

Policy changes

Terms are subject to change. However, major policy changes that may affect your work will be notified in the login page, and published in our community discussion group well in advance so that existing jobs can be completed.